Friday, October 17, 2008

another princess.

is katy perry the next pop princess?? With her two hit singles "i kissed a girl" and "hot and cold" she is making her way to the top of the charts, and on to every girl's ipod. hopefully she can keep up the good work and make it to the top with stars like Christina, Britney, and Avril. The stylish singer is not ashamed to have some fun while busting out these hit songs. With her unique style and girl power lyrics she is quickly becoming a pop icon for teenage girls across the world. The Santa Barbara native may be new to the music biz but she has been writing songs and playing the guitar much longer. Now she is turning her dream into a reality. This summer her ablum "One of the Boys" was released and she was part of the warpted tour. She has her foot and maybe a little bit more in the door, hopefully she can keep going to become pop royalty. On a more personal note-I think she freaking rocks. Do your thing Katy Perry!!

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